Many people dread getting old because they fear the joint pains that affect people advanced in age.  There are various types of arthritis and with varying pain intensities. Likewise, there are many ways through which the different types of arthritis can be controlled.

Conditions will respond differently to varied levels of therapy. People also make wrong assumptions when they conclude that arthritis and joint pains are a condition for the elderly only. Research and statistics show that this disease may affect people at all ages but mostly sets in the middle age and can get worse with age.

Cause of Arthritis

There are different known causes of arthritis. As we grow old, the fluid that lubricates the joint gets depleted. This leads to a lot of friction between bones in the joints. This may result in a lot of difficulties in moving around. When there is no lubricating liquid in the joints, the condition may lead to different classes of arthritis and joint pains.

As people try to resist the pain and move around, maybe with the help of joint pain relief, there will be increased wear and tear in the joints. This is because of the increased friction between the bones in the involved joints. Old age may cause the depletion of the synovial fluid or joint fluids. This is the major cause and the reason this condition affects the aged.

In some cases, the condition may occur in the young and middle-aged people. This may result in some diseases that lead to the lack of fluid production.  Other disease conditions may result in a condition that the fluid gets tainted and cannot perform its duties as expected.  Some arthritis and joint pains affect different sides of the body.

The other causes of arthritis and joint pains are injuries. This may be through accidents either in the field or any other kinds of accidents. In some accident cases, the fluid may be replaced and enhanced through other relief and other medical treatments. While some instances of accidents may respond well to treatment, other conditions may be difficult to handle. In such cases, patients can only survive with the available forms of therapy that help with joint pain relief and management.

Conditions that accelerate arthritis conditions

These factors are not be proven but some are believed to be mainly linked to arthritis and joint pains. The primary factor that influences arthritis is weather conditions. People who live in cold places are mainly affected by this disease and have to live on relief pills and gels. Mainly in the morning when it is really very cold, many arthritis patients report sever pains in the joints.

The other factor is a lifestyle. Regular exercising can control the medical condition since this helps in increasing blood flow to the joints. This helps in the creation of the fluid that lubricates bones in the joints. There are also some exercising environments that will impact well with arthritis and joint pains.

Bowen therapy

The regular wear and tear, causes a lot of friction between bones. This leads to irritation and inflammation that may not be controlled by any joint pain relief gels. The Bowen Therapy is the best-known form of remedy for arthritis and joint pain patients that works best for the aged.

It primarily aims especially at restoring body balance that may have been disrupted by trauma and infection. When there is swelling, there is increased pain. Bowen Therapy helps reduce tension around the joints and reduce inflammation.

When the therapy is done properly, there is improved body balance and strength. The non-vigorous massage done on inflamed joints help to reduce swelling and also reduce the sympathetic attitude of the neurons. It is this dominance of the neurons that leads to change the fright and flight conditions that end up causing joint pains. Bowen remedy is an excellent solution that reduces the use of joint pain relief tablets and pills by a considerable magnitude. It is also known to be gentle on the body, and its effect is far more helpful than other known remedies.


Bowen Therapy may not be used in the treatment of all conditions of arthritis but it is one of the best remedy known to alleviate pain.  Many patients will report reduced joint pains after a successful Bowen therapy. It is a good way to help one continue with their normal activities even with arthritis and joint pains.