How about an Xbox specially designed by Tony Stark himself? Cool isn’t it? Well, Microsoft has already made it possible.

According to the Verge reports, Microsoft is “busy” creating “special edition designs” for its existing consoles. The company is also rumoured to release an “upgraded Xbox One” at E3 in June, according to the reports.

But the latest Iron Man look will feature a “hugely customised” top plate and as some of the previous editions this new edition will come in full white. To be honest, the console looks just amazing.

The Verge quotes in their latest article, “Microsoft claims Tony Stark (Iron Man) helped customise the console, and the centre includes an arc reactor that lights up. Even the Xbox One controller has been customised with a unique power button that’s designed to look like a smaller arc reactor.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this special edition will go on sale. Microsoft France is giving away three of the consoles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we’ve reached out to Microsoft to find out whether there are any plans to let people purchase them.”

As per the IGN reports, “This Stark Industries” creation is a bit oversized which comes “complete with a light-up Arc Reactor decoration, Stark Industries logo plate and a matching controller (with its own baby Arc Reactor for good measure).”

The Youtube channel also shared Tony Stark’s words. This might be a ploy by Tony Stark to get the as many fans as he could on board for the upcoming Marvel superhero film. He definitely needs support for the “Civil War”. It would be interesting to see how Team America would react to the latest move by Stark.

Should we hope for a “Captain America Xbox One” now?

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War will release on May 6, 2016. The stage is already set for an epic battle between Team Iron Man and Team Captain America. But for now, it looks like Team Iron Man is winning all the hearts.