Despite Marvel Studios keeping mum about the rumored “Iron Man 4” release date, several speculations about its existence remain to circulate online. With lead actor Robert Downey Jr. confirming that he will still play the well-received superhero, fans are left to wonder whether a fourth standalone flick could be underway.

New reports are now suggesting that the new flick should happen, not for RDJ, but for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts. As sources suggested, Pepper played a big role as superhero Rescue in the comics, and to avoid that story arc might be an opportunity wasted for the MCU.

“Her character has appeared in all of the three ‘Iron Man’ installments as well as in ‘The Avengers’ which means that her presence proves to be of significant impact in the Marvel universe,” Christian Times reported. “Hence, Rescue should be allowed outside of Stark Industries and the laboratory in order to display her superhero champion grit and beat some villains.”

The article also pointed out Tony Stark’s obvious frustration in “Captain America: Civil War,” where he had to tell Steve Rodgers where Pepper was. “Thus, it is argued that since Potts holds a constant and important place in Stark’s life as a human and as Iron Man’s aid even from the start, her story should have a more elaborate exposure which can unravel in the event that there will be an ‘Iron Man 4,'” the report continued.

Meanwhile, there could also be a possibility that an “Iron Man 4” release date could be confirmed without RDJ. There have been some leaked emails from the Sony Hack that shows execs talking about a possible reboot of the franchise.

“Question for you both:  One day soon we will be rebooting the Iron Man franchise with new actors,” Marvel’s Alan Fine said in a leaked email addressed to Tom Cohen and Kevin Feige. “In that reboot would you change the events of the first trilogy?  E.g. Obadiah becomes a true father figure to Tony. Pepper gets jealous and she becomes the one that gets him thrown out of the company and tries to kill him for walking away from defense contracts?”

“Pepper Potts falls in love with a Caucasian Rhodey instead of Tony?” the email continued. “It’s almost like setting up an alternate universe to the first trilogy. You guys are not seeing this?”