With three standalone “Iron Man” movies under his belt, fans are wondering whether Robert Downey Jr. will be returning in “Iron Man 4.” Rumours have been rife online about his next moves, but nothing has been confirmed as of writing.

In a Daily Mail report, RDJ was honest enough to say that he doesn’t know what Marvel’s plans are for his superhero character, but he made an assurance that he will still be wearing the Iron Man suit in a few more MCU movies down the line.

As the report continued, the actor has confirmed that he will be playing the genius philanthropist Tony Stark for two more years. “I don’t know how long I’ll do it for,” Downey Jr. told Daily Star. “I’ll keep playing Iron Man for a couple more years, I guess.”

Previous reports are claiming that should an “Iron Man 4” movie be confirmed, it will most probably be a reboot that will be RDJ-free. The idea first surfaced after the widespread Sony hacks circulated, and an email exchange among Marvel execs leaked online.
“Question for you both:  One day soon we will be rebooting the Iron Man franchise with new actors,” Marvel’s Alan Fine said in a leaked email addressed to Tom Cohen and Kevin Feige. “In that reboot would you change the events of the first trilogy?  E.g. Obadiah becomes a true father figure to Tony. Pepper gets jealous and she becomes the one that gets him thrown out of the company and tries to kill him for walking away from defense contracts?”
“Pepper Potts falls in love with a Caucasian Rhodey instead of Tony?” the email continued. “It’s almost like setting up an alternate universe to the first trilogy. You guys are not seeing this?”
For the meantime, fans can still get their Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. fixes when “Captain America: Civil War” premieres on Friday.