Iraqi troops stormed the centre of the city of Ramadi and recaptured it on Tuesday, in a drive to extricate ISIL.

The operation to recapture Ramadi began in early November by cutting off the supply lines and asking the civilians to evacuate, reports ABC.

The capture of Ramadi, a Sunni Muslim city situated in 100 km west of Baghdad, by the ISIL was considered as a major defeat for Iraq. It is also the capital of Anbar province.

Ramadi is a crucial city in the fight against the Islamic States reported Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan. He said, “It is the biggest city in Iraq’s largest province and the heartland of Sunni community of Iraq. It’s a big trading post for the country as well with the roads leading into Jordan and Syria”.

Newsweek reported that the government was working on the mission for some time and wanted to rely completely on its own troops. The main reason behind this was the government’s reluctance to use pro-government Shi’it militia in order to avoid rights abuse which happened after the recapture of Tikrit in April, confirms Reuters.

According to the Washington Post, the fight was very important for the Iraqi army as well as the Americans who are training them. The victory would also give a chance to regular Iraqi military to repair its image.

The army said that it now has control over half of the city and also a key army command centre.

In reaction, people used different social media platforms to express their view on Iraq’s victory.

One Twitter user, Vuk Jeremic, posted: “Seems Like Ramadi will be captured by Iraqi forces. Psychologically important.”

Another user, Randa Habib, who is a journalist and author, tweeted: “This year birth of prophet Mohamed and Jesus Christ are celebrated jointly. Let’s see the symbolism of that. Blessed #EidMaouled & Christmas.”