There have been several reports suggesting that Apple isn’t planning to release the iPhone 7 smartphone flagship this year. While that may seem like a shocker to the majority of the company’s user base, the Cupertino-based firm isn’t one on skimping down on features and specifications for its next release. Rumours have been suggesting that Apple will be ditching the headphone jack to shave off a few millimetres of thickness from its upcoming device, and it looks like a new set of schematics for the purported iPhone Pro proves just that.

The new schematics for the iPhone Pro seems to appear closely identical to the iPhone 6s Plus. However, it features a dual camera set up which is in line with the previous reports. Furthermore, it also doesn’t sport a 3.5mm headphone jack that could really put an end to the audio standard for Apple’s new devices. Unfortunately, Apple looks like it’s still going to keep the protruding camera in the upcoming device.

As seen in a patent Apple has previously filed, the company could actually be planning on equipping its next device with two camera sensors. It could also be exclusive to the iPhone Pro variant, but at this time, there’s no way of knowing.

Further reports also suggest that the handset will come with a Smart Connector located at the bottom of the back panel which could be used for accessories and add-ons for the device. The connector on the iPad Pro was used to connect a Smart Keyboard magnetically. However, external keyboards won’t seem to fit a small form factor device, so there’s a possibility that it could be used for fast charging purposes.

There’s still no hints as to when we will be able to see the device in the flesh. Apple usually announces its new devices on September ever year, but the company might change its mind and push the release date next year.