Apple patents have long aided in giving hints about what to expect from the future iPhones and if the innovations do materialize in the next-generation device then fans may witness quite an impressive iPhone 8, arriving next year.

AppleInsider spotted new patents filed by Apple and these patents only reveal that there could possibly be more robust variants of iPhone in the future. One of the patents filed covers waterproof speakers. Does this hint at a more rugged smartphone from the stables of the Cupertino tech giant? The patent reveals that the speakers are made waterproof by employing a mesh or an “umbrella” that assists in directing the water away.  The patent also covers a hydrophobic coating that helps with drawing the water out.

There have also been whispers about the iPhone 7 being completely waterproof. Could fans get to see this innovation in play sooner rather than later since the setup appears to be the same as that on the current Apple Watch? Concrete answers should surface in the days leading up to the launch.

As noted by TechRadar, another patent granted to Apple details advanced noise cancellation technology for the EarPods. This one seems very interesting since the innovation employs “bone conduction” technology in order to deliver a better experience to the listener. The EarPods mentioned in the patent use an accelerometer to differentiate between ambient sounds and someone talking. This would be a boon for audiophiles ensuring that the audio is clearer. Additionally, when conversing, the offering is capable of efficiently picking out your voice when in a noisy environment.

As is the case with every patent filed, it cannot be said with certainty whether or not the innovations will materialize on the iPhone 7 or even the iPhone 8. However, the patents sure give a good idea about the direction the company intends to take its smartphone lineup.