The iPhone 7 isn’t even out yet but hype on its potential successor is already high. Now, a recent report suggests that the iPhone 8 may even be better than expected.

Trusted Reviews reports on the recent intel about the iPhone 8. According to the website, ESM-China analyst Sun Changxu is the source of the claim. The article elaborates that Changxu got the information from Apple’s mobile supply chain.

If this claim proves true come 2017, it will be consistent with current rumors suggesting a major disparity between the iPhone 7 and 8. Rumors swirled as soon as the year started that there are minimum changes to the iPhone 7. Some reports even predicted that the iPhone 6 successor might be a disappointment.

Nevertheless, recent news from Fortune reveals that some major changes are coming to the iPhone 7. The article by Don Reisenger highlights features like additional speakers and new colors as possible improvement to the next iPhone. The piece quotes sources like 9to5Mac, CNET and Mac Otakara regarding the new information.

The iPhone 7 May Come with a Blue Shade Option

In terms of hardware, the website details that recent leaked images showed two speaker grills for the iPhone 7. On the other hand, the source also mentions a potential space black color which could add to the color choices of next generation iPhones.

The website, however, warns that the leaked image renders may be false or fabricated. Hence, it is important to take these leaks with a grain of salt.

Should you skip iPhone 7 for iPhone 8?

Despite the potential changes Fortune relayed, the long-running rumor that the device has little improvements is still pressing.

Gordon Kelly highlights the points on the very subtle changes in his Forbes piece.

This begs the question on whether Apple fans should even consider buying the iPhone 7, or simply wait until the iPhone 8 is released.

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If Kelly’s analysis be considered, those with older iPhones such as the 5s can still view the iPhone 7 as an attractive upgrade. However, those with the newest iPhones, like the 6s, are unlikely to consider the successor and would be better off waiting for the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 may launch in September 2017.