iPhone 7 may probably arrive as a waterproof device on the scene. Given the Apple patents that have surfaced in the last few months, it sure appears like the company is headed in that direction.

Now, another Apple patent that has come under the spotlight further strengthens the speculation that the future iPhones could be waterproof. The new patent, which was filed back in June 2014 and has now been published, highlights a “self-healing elastomer” which is something like a rubber seal which will protect the ports.

According to The Verge, it is a rubber that can “lose and regain its shape to keep the sensitive inner-workings of a device protected.” So, it really it is a rubber seal which will enclose the ports on the device, such as for the power cord and when a plug is being inserted the flexible rubber enclosing would make way for it. When the plug is removed, the rubber will then take its original shape and enclose the port. The elastomer may offer protection against dust, debris, gas and of course, water.

Previous Apple patent even showed-off a water squirter system in an iPhone, as a way to rid the device of water which may entered. The Apple patent titled, “Liquid Expulsion From An Orifice,” depicted an invention which would push out liquid through the speakers and the microphone port. Alternately another method included a mesh on the speaker which would prevent water from entering into the device. The patent covered both a precautionary measure as well as method to resolve the issue of liquids entering the device.

Also as depicted by YouTuber Zach Straley, it can also be said that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, stand quite well when dunked in water. Take a look!

However, fans should abstain  from trying this at home since the company did choose to stay mum on its ability of being waterproof.