The iPad Pro 9.7 sports an LCD display which is said to be better than any screen on any iPad ever.  The larger iPad Pro will also be using the latest LCD. If Apple does decide to incorporate the same display on its iPhone 7, then the flagship could be giving competition to some of the most high-end devices out there, in terms of screen technology.

Raymond Soneira, an expert at DisplayMate, had earlier shared that the OLED display on Samsung Galaxy S7 beats most smartphone screens including the one on iPhone 6S. Now, the DisplayMate expert is back to share his insights about the screen on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Soneira said that it is “by far the best performing mobile LCD display that we have ever tested, and it breaks many display performance records.”

What sets the new iPad Pro’s display apart is its “very innovative low reflectance screen that reflects just 1.7% of the ambient light by using a new anti-reflection AR coating. It has by far the lowest low screen reflectance of any mobile display, so its image colors and contrast in high ambient light will appear considerably better than any other mobile display.”

As noted by BGR, in terms of screen reflectance Samsung’s offering also sits at the lower end but at 4.6%, it is definitely higher when compared to the iPad Pro. The lower screen reflectance offers many advantages including improved battery life.

But now the question is, will Apple really adopt the same screen technology for iPhone 7 which is expected to arrive this fall?

Soneira shared, “Since Apple likes to expand new technology across its product lines, an educated guess for the upcoming iPhone 7 is that its display could be a small version of the iPad Pro 9.7.”

He also suggested improvements such as “adding the new DCI-P3 wide color gamut and also adding an anti-reflection coating that could lower the screen reflectance from the current iPhone 4.6% down to 1.7% (a factor of almost 3 improvement).”

Details about what is in store when it comes to the iPhone 7 should become clearer as we inch closer to the launch. Until then, keep watching this space for more.