Before the headphone jack – no headphone jack conundrum about the iPhone 7 started making headlines, rumours about the upcoming offering losing the home button were doing the rounds.

With speculations of the 2016 Apple offering losing the home button, came questions about the Touch ID sensor being replaced and possible fan ideas on how Apple could go about doing it. Well, the rumour about the iPhone 7 sans the home button was soon done away with, when reports about other changes and its resemblance to the iPhone 6S began to surface.

However, there is quite a possibility that the iPhone of the future may lose the home button and instead boast of an “all screen” front panel, as noted by Daily Mail. As shared in the report, “A recent patent suggests that the Cupertino company is working on a method that places the sensor under the display and uses ultrasound imaging to find the user’s fingerprint.”

With the Touch ID sensor being placed under the screen, it would free up the bottom of the front panel for the screen to be extended. The patent titled, “Man-machine interface for controlling access to electronic devices,” published by United States Patent and Trademark Office was filed back in March 2015. The patent reveals, “The man-machine interface device comprises an electronic display apparatus that is capable of presenting graphic text, images, icons, and other data typically shown on a screen while further including a transparent finger touch sensor region that is seated above the display apparatus.”

However, this isn’t the first time that an iPhone with an all-screen design is doing the rounds. Fans may have seen many concept designs that show the iPhone sans the home button. But as is the case with every other Apple patent, there is no certainty over whether and when the iDevices will boast of this technology.

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