A number of iPhone 7 leaked images have been making the rounds with the latest depicting dual cameras.  It is already grabbing a lot of eyeballs.

So far speculated details regarding the rear panel and redesigned antenna lines are out there, thanks to the images. The latest leak gives a peek at the front panel which appears to have been designed keeping in mind what Apple fans are expecting to have from the upcoming smartphone.

Rumours about future-gen iPhone arriving with no home button and sans the 3.5mm headphone jack have been around for the longest time. But it isn’t exactly known whether the company will decide on bringing these radical changes to the handset. However, based on the the latest leak that Apple Insider got its hands on, it seems that the upcoming iPhone 7 may probably do away with both major features.

The leaked image shows the device sporting a larger screen while the caption claims that the “button and Touch ID sensor are integrated into the display,” as noted by BGR. It is known that doing away with the 3.5mm jack would not only allow Apple to design a much sleeker device, but it will also help with extending the screen further. Although many people would like this to be true, there is no way to verify whether the image is indeed that of the latest iPhone.

Also, while fans have always known this would be coming in the future, no one is expecting the home button to be done away with this early. Apple loyalists may have also seen plenty of concept designs showing iPhone with no headphone-jack or the home button, one such being reported by The Week. There are also certain features or rather their absence in the image, which may make fans question whether the image is legit. One device image in particular is missing a front-facing camera and the speaker, along with certain other parts such as the tiny screws for the lightening port.

With a good number of months to go before the arrival of the highly-anticipated Apple product, fans may soon get a better glimpse and more concrete details on what’s to come.