Since many months now multiple reports about the iPhone 7 series have reiterated the vast differences that the 4.7-inch model will feature in comparison to its larger variant.

9to5Mac got hold of leaked renders that further confirm that two of the most talked about specs may well just be seen on the 5.5-inch model. According to the renders of the bigger variant, it appears that the iPhone 7 will be arriving sans the dual camera and will also not possess the Smart Connector.

The leaked case renders of the iPhone 7 Plus shows off a dual camera arrangement as well as the 3 dots on the back, confirming the Smart Connector feature on the device. Fans may recollect that there had earlier been much confusion with regards to whether or not the iPhone 7 would show off these upgrades. It now turns out that only the bigger model will be equipped with the dual cameras as well as the Smart Connector.

How does this go down with Apple loyalists remains to be seen since year after year, the company is consciously differentiating the models in the series based on the features and specs as opposed to just the screen size. However, as noted by Gordon Kelly on Forbes since the Smart Connector allows for connecting a keyboard to the iDevice it makes sense that only the phablet in the series is equipped with that spec.

The differences between the two variants run deep; earlier reports have indicated that the Plus model will feature 3GB RAM while the standard model will continue to possess 2GB RAM. For many looking to upgrade, the dual camera onboard the iPhone 7 Plus along with longer battery life would probably make the decision about which model to pick much easier. Although, it isn’t clear at this point whether Apple will be deploying the dual camera arrangement to either create an optical zoom or wide angle lenses. Keep checking this space for more.

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