The iPhone 7 is almost here. Mark your calendars for the iPhone 7 release this September 16. Before that, here are the details you should know about the upcoming iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Release Date

Some have marked September 16 a tad too early, though history shows Apple favors a September launch for the retail release. September 16 is also a marketing strategy for Apple, which allows them to get a chunk of the weekend payday sale.

Once again, September 16 is rumored to be the iPhone 7 release date for retail. As early as July 23, Evan Blass predicted the date.

iPhone 7 Ins and Outs

First off, the out. The head jack will be out in the latest iPhone model. This is to compensate for the dual systems Apple will be putting in. Users will enjoy dual speakers and cameras.

iPhone 7 Storage Capacity

The latest model has dropped the 16GB. Instead, the smallest storage capacity will be 32GB. There will also be 128GB and 256GB storage variants.

iPhone 7 Battery

The new iPhone 7 is rumored to have a battery bump from the current iPhone 6’s 1716 mAh to 1960 mAh, which is good news for those who are heavy phone users. If the next item is true, this battery bump will also be incredibly helpful to them.

A New iPhone 7 Pro

Though the latest iteration won’t have a new technology, there are rumors that iPhone 7 will have a dedicated phone variant for professionals, dubbed the iPhone 7 Pro. Though this is still a rumor and none will be confirmed until the official iPhone 7 launch, a contradicting rumor states that Apple will likely stick to its usual models rather than launch a third Pro version.

Force Touch Technology

Apple will reward users with this tactile technology. The Force Touch technology will give the sensation that one is really pressing the button. Can this lead to more phone time then?

iOS 10 for iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 will have the iOS 10, which is currently restricted to Apple developers. With the iOS upgrade, notable and highly awaited features will include the pick-up-to-wake-up sensor, bigger emojis and predictions and an in-app camera.

So for Apple users out there, save the date and see whether the iPhone 7 will meet or exceed your expectations.