Several iPhone 7 release date rumors have already surfaced online. However, a new report is suggesting that waiting fans should manage their expectations with the new Apple flagship phone.

According to reports, there will be a great possibility that the launch will be a letdown, not because Apple will fail to stage a noteworthy event, but because the new iPhone will reportedly lack any aesthetic upgrade. As some sources put in bluntly, it will look a lot like its predecessors.

“According to multiple sources reportedly with access to those assembling Apple’s next phone, the iPhone 7 will have the same basic body shape as the last two iPhones,” Quartz reported. “It seems increasingly likely that the next iPhone will look a lot like the iPhone 6S, which looks a lot like the iPhone 6.”

As MacRumors also suggested, the only notable difference between the iPhone 7 and the 6S would be that the rear-facing camera of the new iPhone won’t protrude a lot like its predecessors. The site also noted that the two lines that run across the back will be removed as well.  Other than those, users will basically get the same sized iPhone.

However, in terms of its hardware improvements, CNET noted that the new iPhone 7 release will “be available with a whopping 256GB of storage space, matching the iPad Pro and offering lots more room for apps and videos.”

“Another change will be a memory boost to 3GB in the 5.5-inch model,” the report added.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has yet to release an official statement regarding the launch of its new products, but industry insiders and experts have already speculated on their release dates. KGI Securities analyst and trusted Apple source Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the new iPhone might be released toward the end of the year together with an upgraded Apple Watch 2.

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