Just when you thought iPhones cannot get any thinner, Apple may be looking for a way to do just that.

It has been reported yesterday that in the upcoming iPhone release (projected to be iPhone 7), Apple may decide to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack and instead replace it with an all-in-one Lightning connector.

Now, The Telegraph reports that Apple’s possible reason to lose the headphone jack is to get rid of another 1mm from its current iPhone model to produce an even thinner iPhone.

If this indeed happens, the website points out that iPhone users will have to use their headphones through Bluetooth or via a Lightning connector.

The Telegraph also emphasizes that this rumor may hold some credibility because last June, Apple introduced headphone specs to manufacturers through its Made-for-iPhone licensing program.

Express also reports this rumored change to the next generation of iPhone devices.

The website notes that the current model of the iPhone 6s measures 7.1 mm while the iPhone 6s Plus measures 7.3mm. Therefore, if Apple proceeds with removing the headphone jack, then the iPhone 7 line would be thinner in size than the current models.

Express also cites another rumor that Apple will be shipping a pair of redesigned Lightning port-equipped EarPods when they ship the next generation of iPhones.

Still, the website raises an important point in terms of Apple getting rid of the headphone jack to go with a thinner design.

According to Express, the latest generation of the iPod Touch is a full millimeter thinner than the current iPhone models (at an estimated 6.1mm), but the device is still able to host the 3.5mm headphone port.

Furthermore, since Yahoo! News UK places an estimate that a thinner iPhone could measure at a thickness range of 6.0mm to 6.5mm, then it is still possible to make a new iPhone model with the 3.5mm jack intact.

Whatever the truth may be, it is important to note that the information presented is still mere speculation for now and should be treated as plain rumors.

The iPhone 7 is rumored for release on mid to late 2016.