With iOS 10 released announced, tech aficionados have received a glimpse into what it would it mean for the iPhone 7.

As noted by Digital Trends a lot of actions can now be carried out right from the home screen. With iOS 10 also bringing the “raise to wake” feature, users won’t have to even touch the display to see the notifications on the lock screen. Naturally, the upgrade also calls for 3D Touch playing a bigger part since the notifications expand to reveal additional actions such as replying to messages and more when pressing down. As expected, the upcoming iDevice will be boasting of 3D Touch which will be put to an even better use with the features in the new software.

Furthermore, Siri has received a major upgrade with the voice assistant now being open to developers, fans will soon witness its use in other third-party applications. As shared by Tech Radar, this could mean that the upcoming iPhone 7 could well be equipped with improved speakers. Since Siri will come to play a bigger role in how we communicate with the smartphone, it indicates better speakers onboard. So, could the headphone jack be replaced with another speaker? It could be the case as some of the recent leaks reveal iPhone 7 sans a headphone jack and additional speakers.

The Photos app has also undergone a complete makeover by simplifying sorting, allowing to edit Live Photos as well accessing memories. The upgrades sure have many expecting an even better camera on the upcoming iPhone, which will be well equipped to employ all the interesting features onboard iOS 10.

iOS 10 is tagged to be rolling out sometime during the “fall” as is the norm. This further reiterates that the iPhone 7 will be landing at the same time boasting of the latest OS. Usually, the flagship is announced during the second week of September followed by a gradual roll out across the globe.

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