With numerous iPhone 7 rumors and speculations around, the latest about the possibility of the handset arriving with a dual camera arrangement happens to be the most exciting one.

An earlier report on 9to5 Mac revealed that Apple was probably testing the iPhone 7 with dual cameras and now an Apple patent further explores this idea. As shared by Patently Apple, with the dual camera arrangement, zoomed-in low res images can be a thing of the past. The site notes that this invention deploys the two cameras to deliver optical zoom to the user, which can be achieved in different ways. One of the methods involves the two different cameras behind the lens – the standard and telephoto sections to create one lens, giving users the liberty to select between two focal lengths.

The patent also lists some really great feats that the two-camera arrangement can achieve and one of them includes shooting videos as well as clicking photographs simultaneously by deploying the two snappers on their separate tasks. This would ensure that the image as well as the video are captured in high-res.

As noted by 9to5 Mac, while shooting videos and capturing images simultaneously has been possible with the iPhone 5 and its successors, the stills however are of a lower resolution. And the patent suggests that “as the two camera modules are synchronized in time, the still images can easily be automatically inserted at the right time in a final video stream.”

Besides giving users the freedom to enjoy simultaneous high-res outputs, the dual cameras have more to offer. The patent cites example of shooting two videos at once wherein one video is being captured at the standard speed and other in slo-mo. This does sound really neat, however, it is noteworthy that just like every Apple patent there is no word on whether and when this invention will be seen on the iPhone. Tech aficionados can keep their fingers crossed.

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