It is being widely accepted that iPhone 7 will be arriving with some radical changes in September this year. While Apple fans wait for the D-day to arrive seven months from now, exciting bits of information have come in from KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The latest word from Kuo reveals that the iPhone 7 will be packing in quite a punch with a variant boasting of a dual camera setup coupled with Linx camera technology, as noted by 9to5Mac. It is quite clear that it may just be some models of the  iPhone 7 Plus to be possessing this feature. Kuo also believes that the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus model will also support 2-3x optical zoom.

As noted by TechCruch, if Apple does go ahead with the upgrade for one variant, then it will be quite a deviation from its traditional strategy with regards to cameras on the iPhone series. Tech aficionados may recollect that in the past, the same camera modules have been used for iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus. The same can be said for the complete iPhone 6S series. The possible reason of just limiting the dual camera arrangement to the Plus version could be because of “supply chain constraints.”

It is also believed that not all iPhone 7 Plus models will have the dual-camera arrangement; instead Apple will be creating a “premium” line with the advanced snappers. As noted by 9to5Mac, “one of the cameras will support optical image stabilization and a wide field of view.  Whereas, the other is a telephoto lens with a significantly narrower field of view.” The resulting images from the two cameras will be combined by employing “Linx Imaging” algorithms, for users to see.

Ming-Chi Kuo has delivered credible information in the past and the word about a 4-inch iPhone in the works also came from the KGI analyst. The China Mobile leak has since confirmed that the mini variant of the flagship is indeed arriving on the network.

Apple fans can keep coming back for the latest updates, rumors and speculations for iPhone 7.