The upcoming iPhone 7 could probably be making shattered displays a thing of the past, as far as this particular Apple device goes.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an Apple Inc. patent application on Thursday. The patent titled “Active Screen Protection for Electronic Devices” depicts how new screen protectors will automatically spring-out right before an iPhone falls when accidentally dropped.

The sensors and in-built accelerometers will detect a fall and brace the device for it. Four shock-absorbent tabs will automatically spring-out from the four corners of the display.

This could possibly ensure that the phone’s display is protected from damage when it falls face-front on the floor. However, since fans are yet to witness the days with bezel-less iPhones, the sides of the devices could still be impacted in case of a fall.

As noted by International Business Times, Apple may extend using the innovation for other products including the Apple Watch, iPods, MacBooks and iPads.

Another patent by Apple titled, “Wireless Device Networks with Smoke Detection Capabilities,” was earlier published last month. As the title suggests, this patent revealed an embedded smoke-detector feature iPhones, iPads and Macs.

The Wire reported that Apple will soon be receiving approval for another patent involving embedded solar panel beneath Apple touchscreen products.

This would mean that you can charge your phone during the day without adding to your power bills. While use of solar panels for homes and its applications in other industrial environments isn’t uncommon, it does seem quite futuristic on an iPhone or any cellphone for that matter. Because it is still in its early stages of development, fans may have  to wait a long time before seeing this feature in action.

As with the other patents, it isn’t known when the “Active Screen Proctection” would become a feature of the iPhones. The patent published Thursday credits engineers Tyson B. Manullang, Stephen B. Lynch and Emery A. Sanford as the inventors.