It appears that the upcoming Apple product, unofficially dubbed as the iPhone 7 may lose the 3.5mm headphone jack which might be replaced with an all-in-one Lightning connector.

According to reports on the Japanese website Mac Otakara, known to often deliver credible information has cited “reliable source,” sharing that the company may also launch Lightning-equipped EarPods.

Rumors about the upcoming Apple handset being one of the slimmest iPhones ever, has been doing the rounds for quite sometime now. It turns out that the lightning connector extending support for Bluetooth and Lightening headphones, will accommodate the new design which is speculated to trim 1mm off the current thickness on the iPhones.

Apple may also be seen integrating a digital-to-analog converter into the plug of its EarPods. This only means that third party manufacturers will follow and may also have to create Lightning-to-analog adapters.

It was last year at “Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X” session held at WWDC, where the Cupertino tech-giant had hinted at moving to Lightning-enabled headphones.

As noted by Apple Insider, the company has been working on alternatives for the 3.5mm jack for quite sometime now, having anticipated that it may create an issue when Apple would further like to develop on the sleek design of the iPhone.

Besides this change, rumors are also rife that the iPhone 7 lineup will witness the addition of a 4-inch handset, expected to make an appearance early next year. The iPhone 7 may also house the powerful A10 processor with 3GB RAM and will of course support 3D Touch.

The company will most likely be keeping-up with tradition and there may be a radical design change in the iPhone 7, which is also indicated by the current predictions of the device losing the 3.5mm headphone jack. It is also expected to be waterproof and dustproof.

The iPhone 7 is most likely to be unveiled fall next year.