The hype about iPhone 7 continues as supposed photos of Apple’s crown jewel products made its way to the Internet. Sources noticed that it has a bigger camera and fewer antenna lines.

The purported leaks of  the much-anticipated phone have been for quite some time. But the latest snapshot provided a clearer version of its back if the leak is legitimate.

Tech website NoWhereElse teases Apple fans by posting the said photo. As readers can see, it totally reveals the back side of the supposed iPhone 7.

The leak exposes the golden metal case with a huge logo of Apple, as expected. However, one noticeable feature is the much bigger camera. Additionally, it consists of fewer antennas than its predecessor.

The outlet states that the upcoming mobile device is quite similar to iPhone 6s. But the Cupertino-based company is yet to confirm the report.

On the other hand, rumor has it the the iPhone 7 will have dual-lens camera. According to Tech Crunch, the innovation feature will allow users to take photos in low-light conditions.

More than that, the website stated that it could “improve HDR performance and color fidelity.” This could be a big leap for Apple if they will decide to add the feature to the smartphone.

The latest leaks must have provided excitement to Apple enthusiasts and loyal fans, however, the other news might disappoint them as well.

There has been a debate whether Apple will remove the headphone jack on the highly-anticipated phone. A previous report suggests that the company will replace it with bluetooth headsets, in which may be the downfall of typical headsets.

Specifically, it might be replaced with a pair of bluetooth ear pods that will “pair and charge” through the lightning port. While this rumor has not yet been confirmed, readers may just treat the news with a grain of salt.

There have not been a single solid information about the iPhone 7, even its release date. But fans can always check on the updates every once in a while.