A lot of rumors about iPhone 7 have been on the Internet since no one can recall. But despite all of these hearsays, Apple is not stating anything, especially about the release date. But another speculation begins to circulate, stating that Apple will delay the iPhone 7 release date to replace the device with iPhone 6SE.

Tech blogger and consistent leaker Evan Blass has been enticing his followers by posting updates online. He recently revealed that the upcoming device will be out on Sept. 16.

According to Fortune, most of his leaks were accurate. Should the information be true, loyal Apple users will definitely get hold of this new promising device.

On the other hand, there is a buzz that the launch might be later due to iPhone 6SE. However, there are no accounted proofs to back it up so the rumor is still far-fetched.

Apple has been quiet amidst the exciting reports about the latest crown-jewel product. But despite that, the slew of speculations continue.

Some of ANN’s previous articles were about the possible specifications and features. But what are the most consistent ones?

On the top of the list, Apple might remove the headphone jack. A per the past report, the Cupertino-based company will replace it with Bluetooth headset instead.

Specifically, Apple will require the user to purchase a pair of bluetooth ear pods that will “pair and charge” through the lightning port. The sudden change may bring mix reaction from the users. Furthermore, it is possible that companies who sell headsets might be affected.

Next, another leak suggests that iPhone 7 will have dual lens camera. According to Tech Crunch, the innovative feature will give users the opportunity to take photos in low-light conditions.

It sounds impressive, but there is actually more. The promising mobile device might sport a Force Touch Technology which has the ability to provide that “pressing button” feeling while having a touch screen phone.

Again, Apple is yet to confirm these speculations but sooner or later, the public will finally know the iPhone 7 release date. Stay tuned for more tech news.