Rumors about the iPhone 7 release date placed the device’s launch on early September. However, will the unending leaks actually delay this release date as far as December?

December is too long of a stretch. However, it appears that the release date of Apple’s next generation device is running later than expected.

The news comes from reliable website/tipster 9to5Mac. According to the source, carriers may now release the iPhone 7 on September 23. Although its only weeks apart, this is pretty frustrating for Apple fans anticipating the next offering from the company.

The source cites a reset to AT&T’s merchandising hours. 9to5Mac had this to say about the schedule notice:

“[…] the guidance calls out September 9 and September 23 as dates for merchandising resets. This could suggest that advertising for pre-orders could be planned for September 9 as expected and new iPhone models could hit the floor on September 23, a week later than previously expected.”

September is almost here so the slight change shouldn’t hurt. However, for the more tech-savvy, the further delay is frustrating.

iPhone 7 release date

Still, there’s hope that the merchandising reset schedule won’t affect the iPhone 7 release.

According to Gordon Kelly from a Forbes report, the reset doesn’t necessarily mean it would apply to the Apple handsets. Nevertheless, there’s no way to know for sure. The only way to find out is to wait for the carrier’s and Apple’s official announcements.

Rumors about what the iPhone 7 will bring plagued the Internet since. In the most recent months, leaks, renders and even a comparison of an actual iPhone 7 handset with the iPhone 6 and 6s line surfaced. The most pressing among these leaks are the removal of the headphone jack and the placement shift of antenna lines.

While rumors suggested a dual-camera setup, further leaks showed the feature is only for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Whatever information is true, fans don’t have to wait long.

The iPhone 7 release date is most likely sticking to September.