Apple had already set the trend when it released its prized iPhones on a year on year basis. However, the Cupertino firm had changed its game when it released two iPhones instead of one back in 2014 to battle the likes of Samsung’s monolithic offerings such as the Note and the Galaxy series. Moreover, the company also made changes when it released a 4-inch iPhone to appease its loyalists who are still stuck with handsets in the compact category. Now, it seems that the company will once again change its tune as it plans to release the upcoming iPhone 7 next year instead of its usual date of announcement.

According to new reports that have been floating around the rumour mill, Apple will not be releasing the iPhone 7 this September. Apple is allegedly holding out the launch date of the next generation of iPhones to favor the lifespan of the iPhone 6s pair.

Furthermore, Apple wants to make its current flagship the focus this year so as to maximise its potential revenue from sales and further increase the demands for the handset. With that said, the company is planning to wait it out and hold on until 2017 hits to release the iPhone 7.

There have been a lot of rumours surrounding Apple’s next generation handset. Should they hold true, the company could have a gamechanger in its hands and refreshen the smartphone market that has become stale as of late.

Apple is expected to equip its upcoming flagship with a battery that features a fan-out technology to increase its longevity, which could also spell big for the line-up since it has been known that iPhones have poor battery life no matter the iteration. Moreover, the company is also planning to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack and go with a Lightning-compatible earphone to shave a few millimetres off the iPhone 7.

Apple’s colour scheme for its iPhones have been getting rather stale as well. 9to5Mac had conducted a poll, and the majority of users believe that the current colour options are, indeed, outdated. The company could release a new colour scheme for the upcoming iPhone 7, but it seems the wait will be longer this time around.