With Samsung launching their new S7, it is now Apple’s turn to answer to the new tech the Korean giant introduced. Just this week, a Taiwanese website shared images of a dual-camera module that is rumored to be the iPhone 7 Plus.

The new leaked image matches the image shared by a Chinese website, Chuansong.me. The new leaked image further reinforces those found in the French website, Nowhereelse.fr, and Chinese social networking site Weibo.

In the leaked photo, one of the lenses appears to be larger than the other with two short flex cables at the bottom to connect to a logic board.

Apple Insider reports that multiple sources indicate Apple will include a dual lens camera in the latest iPhones. The two lenses will be for the wide angle photos while the other is for optical zooming.

Phone Arena also reports that back in January, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that there will be the special version of the Apple iPhone 7 plus dual cameras on the rear of the phablet.

The website added that Kup has been usually right with his Apple predictions also added that both lenses will weigh in at 12MP and will be produced by Sony. In addition, the camera modules will have OIS while the other will come 2-3x optical zoom. Kuo’s statements are further supported by a news report almost a year ago when the mobile phone giant was given the patent for exactly this type of photographic setup.

While all of the reports are still unconfirmed by Apple, experts already speculate that the dual technology used by Apple for the iPhone 7 Plus could come from its recent acquisition of Israel’s LinX.

LinX offers technology that allows smartphones to produce photos with the quality of an SLR camera while the rumored two lenses if combined can provide a depth of field that can be used to produce 3D imaging.