Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has a great record in predicting product announcements thus far that relates to the California-based company, with the iPhone SE being a success in some parts of the world. However, his latest one seems to put the company in a tight position as he notes that Apple will see its revenues decline this year.

According to new reports, Kuo predicts that Apple will only be at the top five smartphone brands to see shipment declines in a year on year with iPhone shipments going lower than what the company saw in 2014.

Furthermore, the report also notes that under the “worst case scenario,” the Cupertino firm will be shipping out around 190 million units of iPhones this year, which is lesser than the number of units shipped in 2014 at 193 million units. Should Apple pull through successfully, the company could ship about 205 million units of iPhones, which is also below analyst expectations of units between 210 million and 230 million.

Kuo also points out that the iPhone SE will only have little impact on the company’s market performance. Considering that there is still a huge portion of Apple’s already massive user base using the aging iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s handsets, it will, apparently, not mean much. Kuo also notes that there aren’t “many attractive selling points for the iPhone 7.” There are already Android smartphones in the market that feature a dual-camera setup including the recent Huawei P9 and the LG G5. He also suggests that a visual redesign, as well as new commercial features, will be strongly needed by Apple to attract and reel in more customers in which we could also see in the iPhone 7.

It’s also important to note that Kuo’s track record when it comes to Apple predictions has been holding true so the numbers could really ring some accuracy into it. The company has always been a market leader in the smartphone industry. Are the offerings now getting stale?