Good news awaits iPhone 7 fans; recent reports suggest that Apple may finally ditch the basic 16GB storage for larger storage capability.

A larger storage for the next generation iPhone has been rumored before. However, rumors later evolved saying that Apple plans to ditch the major changes for its next iPhone. Instead, rumors deviated that the iPhone 8 would get the major upgrades instead. These reports pegged the iPhone 7 as a potential disappointment.

Nevertheless, the emergence of these new leaks means that Apple may have changed its mind.

A report from ZDNet relays the leak. It says that recent rumors hint at the removal of the 16GB option. More so, the report details that Apple also plans to ditch the 64GB option.

With both the 16GB storage and 64GB storage options gone, the website lists the bigger capacity options which will remain. ZDNet lists that the next generation iPhones will come with 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB choices.

Although this is certainly exciting news for fans, note that this hasn’t been confirmed yet. And just like many iPhone 7 rumors, you should take this news with a pinch of salt.

It remains to be seen whether Apple would take the leap on this one.

iPhone 7 could add a new color option

Aside from storage rumors, another rumor that’s been making its rounds online is that the iPhone 7 may come with a new color. Initially, rumors started with a potential blue finish. Talks of a blue hue has since died down, but another color option has surfaced.

In a report by Indian Express, rumors about a “Space Black” option were detailed. If it proves true, the iPhone 7 lineup will come with 5 colors–adding to previously adapted Gold, Space Grey, Silver and Rose Gold. The website also shares how a “Space Black” iPhone 7 would look like.

Indian Express cites renders from Martin Hajek who imagined the potential iPhone 7 design in “Space Black”. You can check the renders here.

For now, most reports are mere speculations. Fans have to wait until the end of the year to learn the whole truth about the next batch of iPhones.

The iPhone 7 is projected to debut some time in the last quarter of 2016.