It was last week that KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared details about Apple’s plans to bring out a 4-inch iPhone, much before the annual fall event, which may see the more high-end devices in the iPhone 7 series being announced.

In an article on Forbes, tech writer Evan Spence shares, “The signs are that a four-inched iOS smartphone is on its way are coming out of the supply chain.”

With Kuo’s credibility of providing accurate information on multiple occasions, many can assume that a new 4-inch iPhone could be unveiled by the Cupertino tech-giant. However, Spence rightly points out, “Any smaller iPhone is going to be weak by design, and used to up-sell you to the larger models.”

Furthermore, Kuo had also shared that this smaller variant won’t be arriving with the 3D Touch technology, clearly marking it as a model in the lower rung of the iPhone 7 lineup.

Spence adds, “The signs are that Apple’s iPhone 7 range of handsets, while covering three distinct screen sizes, will continue to offer poorer performance across the lower dimensions.”

So while the 4-inch device may be coming from the stables of Apple soon, it may not be delivering a power-packed performance much like the higher iPhone 7 models.

The device so far is being unofficially called the  iPhone 7C, iPhone 6CS or the iPhone 7 Mini, as noted by The Week. It is being dubbed as the 7C because, as many may recollect the  5c model was Apple’s last 4-inch device. Kuo had also shared that the iPhone 7 Mini, unlike 5C, may arrive boasting a metal chassis.

The KGI analyst predicts that the Cupertino tech-company may be taking off the curtains from the rumored iPhone 7 Mini, in the first half of 2016. Looks like Apple fandom, may not have to wait long to learn whether or not the device will be making an appearance.

Apple fans can keep coming back for more updates on iPhone 7 Mini.