The highly anticipated release of the iPhone 7 mini and the Apple Watch 2 may be coming very soon.

The Verge reports that since Apple is keen on planning its events “like clockwork”, releasing the new version of the Apple Watch and the rumored 4-inch iPhone in March 2016 makes sense. However, the website emphasizes that since these devices are still built on speculation, it will be hard to tell what the outcome of the products will be.

Nevertheless, the website does not dismiss the potential that rumors on both the iPhone 7 mini (or iPhone 6c) and the Apple Watch 2 are pretty logical.

For instance, The Verge points out that it makes sense for the company to produce a 4-inch phone because the availability of small phones decreased tremendously in recent years–making this a good market opportunity for Apple. The website also notes that a thinner build and improved battery life and health tracking are the most likely improvements that Apple will make for the next version of the Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, The Independent delves deeper into the potential features of the new Apple Watch. Among the characteristics that the website highlights of the rumored device is that it will add new sleep tracking and sensor technologies and even incorporate its own camera.

Know Your Mobile also offers a comprehensive list of what upgrades will be added to the Apple Watch 2.

According to the website, a potential improvement that Apple could add to the new device is remove its dependability of the iPhone and even accommodate Android support. The website does not negate the fact that including Android support will mean Apple is going against everything that it stands for; however, the website thinks that it is good consideration.

Whether an iPhone 7 mini/ iPhone 6c and Apple Watch 2 will indeed be released on March 2016 remains to be seen.