The latest iPhone 7 rumor suggests that the device may arrive with support for super fast, Li-Fi Wireless Data Technology.

AppleInsider, citing Twitter user Chase Fromm, confirmed that the coding in the most recent version of iOS 9.1 referenced Li-Fi, which is “an experimental high-speed wireless networking protocol” that employs light pulses to transfer data at very high speeds.

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) employs visible light as opposed to radio waves to transmit data. Li-Fi utilizes visible light through which modulation happens in a way that so quick that the human eye cannot see it. The iOS 9.1 coding mentions “LiFiCapability.”  Apple had also filed a patent application in 2013, titled, “optical modulation using an image sensor.” As noted by the site, the invention allows for easily switching between data and image capture modes, which in turn facilitates employing light capabilities.

As most tech aficionados may be aware, this technology still happens to be in the very early stages and may not find its way into iPhone 7. But it appears that Apple is slowly and steadily laying the groundwork for its future devices to extend Li-Fi support.

A number of companies have begun to experiment and work on the technology in a manner that it can be widely employed across segments. As per report, one Indian-based firm Velmenni, has begun testing the technology in the real world.

According to report on Tech Radar, a start-up company testing “smart Li-Fi LED lights” could send data at 1GBps speeds through Li-Fi, which only goes to say that the day when people can download HD movies within seconds isn’t quite far away in the future.

Along with Li-Fi support and a large number of patents that Apple has filed, it will be quite interesting to see what the iPhones of the future will bring. Apple loyalists can keep coming back for more updates, speculations and rumors on iPhone 7.