The iPhone 7 is not yet officially confirmed, but details about its potential features are pouring out day by day.

In a new report by Forbes, it is speculated that Apple may feature its most radical design yet when it produces an iPhone 7 in 2016. The website lists three radical changes that the new generation units may provide. These things are as follows:

1. The iPhone 7 will be Waterproof
2. No More Antenna Stripes
3. ‘Smart’ Aluminum Body

In terms of its waterproof capacity, Forbes discusses that it is not far-fetched for the iPhone 7 to include such function because waterproof ability has already been incorporated in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models. Forbes links the rumor about Apple removing the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 as a potential step towards a more waterproof model.

Another radical design change cited in Forbes’ list is that antenna stripes will be ditched.

This is supported by an article of Business Insider which cites that the removal of antenna bands is another step that will allow better water resistance for the new iPhones.

The website also emphasizes that waterproofing has already been done in some Android handsets like the Sony Xperia Z5. Business Insider then cites how Sony achieved the waterproofing process and analyzes that Apple may take the same route in producing the iPhone 7.

Finally, Forbes lists down a smart aluminum body as the third radical design that the iPhone 7 may showcase.

The website details that the iPhone 7 body will be made up of new compound materials that will allow wireless signals to pass through even if the antenna stripes are ditched. Although these materials are not yet specifically named, Forbes reports that Apple has obtained a patent for it back in June 2015.

You can visit Forbes’ article here to learn more about the said patent.

For now, unless Apple makes an official confirmation, these design changes remain as mere speculation only.