Rumors about the new generation iPhones continue on swirling. The latest of these rumors come in the form of a video for an iPhone 7 leak.

A report by CNET details that the leaked material is a comparison video between the rumored iPhone 7 and the current Apple flagship. Going up against the iPhone 6s is what appears to be a dummy unit of the iPhone 7. As per CNET, the video appears on YouTube, social media platform Weibo and the French website

Check out the full video below, via user Tim Hardwick from YouTube. Though the video is not in English, the images of the iPhone 6S and alleged iPhone 7 dummy phones clearly illustrates the differences between the two.

iPhone 7 leak

The video is only 2 minutes and 39 seconds long and starts off with the opening billboard: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s. It then proceeds to a showcase of what appears to be the iPhone 7–judging by the bigger lens of the primary camera. Consequently, it shows the alleged new iPhone stacked with the 6S.

At a closer look, the back portion of the alleged iPhone 7 looks plain. This suggests that another difference between the two units is the location of the antenna lines. While in the iPhone 6S the lines are at the bottom half of the unit’s back, the newer iPhone hides it more subtly. Antenna lines on the alleged iPhone 7 are at the top and bottom curves of the unit.

Another striking difference is that the newer iPhone sports dual speakers, compared to the 6S with just one. With two speakers in place, the headphone jack vanishes from the bottom of the unit.

However, aside from the three mentioned differences, the alleged iPhone 7 still looks a lot like the 6S. In terms of size and overall appearance, the new generation iPhone 7 is not much of an upgrade–at least physically.

On other iPhone 7 news, 9to5Mac reports of photos showing the iPhone7 line, including the Plus and rumored Pro models. The movement of the antenna lines as shown in the video are consistent with the photo, as well as the bigger camera lens. However, the Plus model sports a dual-camera setup.

Still, just like with any other rumors, it is important to take this one with a pinch of salt.

Stay tuned for more news on iPhone 7 leak and related details.