The rumours about the iPhone 7 gearing up to arrive in a waterproof chassis have been doing the rounds for a long time now. So far, there have only been conjectures and speculation but now it appears that the device may indeed be officially introduced as waterproof.

Japan display may have unknowingly dropped hints, which may lead tech aficionados to believe that the upcoming Apple smartphone may be waterproof. The company has recently introduced another version of Pixel Eyes with a .5mm bezel, a leap from its predecessor that featured a .8mm bezel, as noted by Phone Arena.

Amongst other features, one of the most noteworthy aspect of Pixel Eyes is its capability to operate well when used with wet hands. As shared by MacRumors, Apple products including the iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch don’t work well with wet fingers. Now, the iPhone 7 would be completely waterproof, if its screen also detects input from wet fingers.

What’s more? As per report the displays will begin to be shipped during the current quarter. This would mean that the it would be available to be included in the upcoming Apple flagship. However there is no certainty surrounding whether the new Pixel Eyes display technology will be included in the iPhone 7. But the display announcement gives a good glimpse into what tech aficionados can expect in terms of the screens on the future smartphones.

The second-generation Pixel Eyes display also supports inputs that are 1mm in size. This is another major upgrade given that the previous generation technology won’t extend support to inputs thinner than 2mm. There have been rumours about the inclusion of AMOLED display on the iPhone 7, but that seems highly unlikely given that it will be a few years before that happens.

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