With a number of iPhone 7 concept designs out there, some truly manage to capture the attention of tech aficionados.

One such concept design shared through a video by folks at iPhone-Tricks.com, reveals what they would like to see in an iPhone 7. The video also beautifully reveals their thoughts on what they would like iOS 10 to deliver for Apple fans. To begin with, this iPhone 7 features a border-less OLED screen. But as rightly noted by Value Walk, if reports are to be believed iPhones won’t be sporting OLED displays anytime soon.

However, the concept design shows off a really sleek iPhone, which probably draws from the rumors that the upcoming device from Apple may be doing away with the 3.5mm headphone jack. If Apple does go ahead with that, then it would cut down about 1mm of thickness from the current iPhones out there. This would mean that iPhone 7 would be the sleekest handset from Apple that fans have ever seen.

Speculations are rife that Apple may be opting for an all-in-one lighting connector or wireless earbuds in place of the 3.5mm jack. The video suggests that iPhone 7 may arrive with a new USB-C charging port instead of the rumored Lightening connector.

Other specs that the mock-up boasts include a large 3000mAh battery, 3GB RAM, while the device is powered by an Apple A10 chip and a M10 motion co-processor. The video also highlights what iOS 10 would bring and it includes gestures in the home button such as messaging, calling and of course Touch ID. While all this does seem like quite a fantasy, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Apple does decide to launch its own version of iOS 10 with iPhone 7.

Take a look at the video here:

Apple fans can keep checking back for more updates, rumors and speculations on iPhone 7.