Though iPhone 7 is said to feature a design not dissimilar to iPhone 6S, several reports regarding Apple’s iPhone for 2017 are flocking to the internet.

A very reliable Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested the possible plans of Apple in the near future. The analyst forecasts that the company will drop the metal casing for its 2017 iPhone and go back to producing glass cases in order to differentiate the iPhone from other smartphones.

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He also points out that Apple will face a decline in iPhone sales this year and to tackle this, the company is forced to find new ways to make its smartphone stand out. Apple sees that an entirely new design would be the solution for it. However, iPhone 7 will not bring much change in design as it would retain the iPhone 6S design, apart from the much-speculated lack of headphone jack.

This is not something Apple has not used before. iPhone 5 was introduced in 2012 and it sports glass casing inspired from the iPhone 4S, which was a game changer at the time.

MacRumors adds more details to the latest news. Kuo says that if aluminium phones will account for around 40 percent of the iPhone range in 2017, this could mean that iPhone 7 will be having the same casing when it arrives this year in September.

Meanwhile, Forbes notes that Apple dropping its “tick/tock” upgrade pattern shows that the proposed glass handset will not be dubbed as iPhone 7S; instead, it would be named as iPhone 8. While this year’s iPhone 7 will only carry minor upgrades as the company would bring major changes to 2017’s iPhone.

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The major overhaul in 2017 device can be a move to stand out in the crowd but keeping it aside, the year also marks the completion of ten years since the introduction of the first iPhone. So, the Cupertino-based company could be planning to surprise its fans with advanced features and a new design.