Apple has been relentless in furthering up the hype for its flagship iPhones that we’re actually seeing the company churn out waves of ads and promotions as of late. The Cupertino-based firm had been focusing its efforts on Earth Day, but now that the celebration is over, Apple can now shift its efforts in its ads for the iPhone 6. Two new ads have surfaced and they might be what could convince you to jump ship if you don’t own an iPhone yet.

In the ad entitled “Fingerprint,” the Cupertino-based company showcases the capabilities of its Touch ID sensor. Of course, while the Touch ID’s basic function is to unlock an iOS device, it can also perform a multitude of tasks. For instance, users can take advantage of it by applying it on a bevy of third-party apps. It can be used to log you into your online accounts, help you keep track of your boarding passes, and best of all, it can even unlock your car. It’s also a possibility that we’ll see the feature in the Apple Car should the company officially announce its own autonomous car. “With Touch ID on iPhone 6s, your fingerprint does way more than just unlock your phone,” reads the description of the video uploaded on YouTube.

For the second ad entitled “Onions,” Apple is showing off the 4K recording capabilities of the iPhone 6s. The video starts off with a child capturing a video of someone chopping onions. The video then became a social phenomenon, and it was even more surprising since it was only shot with an iPhone. “4K video on iPhone 6s makes whatever you shoot look amazing. Even onions,” reads the description of the video.

Apple has proven that it is strong in hyping up its products without even lifting a finger, and its latest efforts prove that the competition in the smartphone industry is getting more fierce by the second for them to resort to such lengths.