Anticipation of Apple fans in new product releases has been a driving force in discussions and theories about iPhone, iPad and Mac release dates.

The latest iPhone product to be tackled is the iPhone 6c which is rumored to be at par with Apple’s previous iPhone 5c release. Not much is known regarding the future of the product, however, BGR reports that Apple plans to release the iPhone 6c in mid-2016. BGR quotes Kevin Wang’s message in the Weibo network as the source for this potential development. Wang is credited as an IHS Research Technology Director.

Tech Radar emphasizes that Wang previously predicted that the iPhone 6c will come out before the year 2015 ends so his new prediction may not warrant any credibility. Still, the website does not dismiss the claim and relates the case with the release of the iPad Pro. Tech Radar says that for years, the release of a supersized Apple tablet has been rumored to the point that people started to believe “it would never happen” yet in the end, it did.

The website further argues that with the circumstances surrounding the release of the iPad Pro, it is not far from possible that “Apple is playing a similar game with the iPhone 6c.”

Since rumors are practically vague at this point, Techno Buffalo offers a number of things that could be expected in the iPhone 6c. One of these things is that the iPhone 6c could “feature a glossy plastic frame like the iPhone 5c” or it may be similar in material to other iPhones, only smaller in size. Techno Buffalo also suggests that there is “some demand for a smaller iPhone” yet the potential market may not be enough to make another release worth it for Apple.

Nevertheless, despite large chunk of the rumors are yet to be confirmed, reports agree that the iPhone 6c is slated to be released ahead of the bigger revelation next year: the iPhone 7.