It was recently reported that instead of the rumored devices iPhone 7 Mini and iPhone 6c, Apple is instead creating an iPhone 5se which will cater to users who still want a smaller iPhone compared to the recently released iPhone 6 line.

While our previous report relayed that the iPhone 5se may adapt certain features of the iPhone 6c like Bluetooth 4.2, voice over LTE, Live Photos, and 802.11ac WiFi, new reports detail additional features of the special edition 5s.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, recent rumors suggest the prototypes of the iPhone 5se are running on different processors. On one side, some iPhone 5se are running with A8 and M8 chips while on the other, some prototypes are sporting A9 and M9 processors much like what the iPhone 6s carries.

The website explains that although the prototypes are sporting different processors, the iPhone 5se will most likely go with an A9 and M9 processor since Apple would not want its newest phone to be generations behind than its rumored next flagship phone — the iPhone 7.

With this possibility, 9 to 5 also reports that the iPhone 5se will likely carry Always-On Siri, with this being powered by the M9 chip in the 6s.

However, aside from processor, the new information that the website shares is that the iPhone 5se will see an upgrade on its storage capacity with 32GB and 64GB being eyed as higher capacity than the standard 16GB from the 5s.

Forbes reports that a 16GB capacity is pretty low for regular iPhone users, so if the report of a 32GB and 64GB holds true, then it will be an attractive factor for users to consider the 5se despite it being a lower-end device than the iPhone 6c line.

Apple is yet to officially confirm any of the information swirling around, but the iPhone 5se is rumored to be launched in March and potentially will be made available in April.