The highly anticipated iPhone SE has landed and the first look so far along with the important features listed, sure have managed to gather quite a number of eyeballs.

There are some major upgrades that set the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5S apart. According to report on 9to5 Mac, the added extra RAM on iPhone SE sure makes the difference. The iPhone 5S with 1GB RAM doesn’t offer as seamless browsing on Safari as the iPhone SE with 2GB RAM. As noted by the site, “With the iPhone SE, you’ll notice that Safari tabs stay in memory for much longer, because the 2GB of RAM gives it leeway to do so.”

The site also mentions that one of the other major upgrades that change everything is the powerful A9 chip, which is far ahead than the A7 processor found on the iPhone 5s. With the latest chipset, the iPhone SE can easily be put on par with the iPhone 6S in terms of performance, and that’s saying something. And of course, the camera on the smaller iPhone cannot be overlooked. The new handset comes embedded with a 12MP iSight camera and a f/2.2 aperture and features no camera bump as seen the iPhone 5S. Fans may remember that the iPhone 5s is complete with an 8MP iSight snapper, a far cry from what’s on the latest offering.

For anyone looking to get their hands on the latest from Apple may want to dig up some of the deals available on the latest iPhone. According to BGR, potential buyers can take a look at some of the deals Walmart is currently running. The retail giant is offering approx. $130 (US$100) off on the iPhone SE but the promotion won’t be available on handsets with a 2-year contract, but a neat offer nonetheless given that the 4-inch smartphone is selling at starting price of approx. $520 (US$399).

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