iPhone 5 SE has been launched and it’s easy to see many people are eager to buy the smartphone even though it has nothing to offer technologies that we havn’t seen before. iPhone 5 SE is the successor of iPhone 5 and it offers features which are seen in iPhone 6S.

Many would think that Apple iPhone 5SE has nothing great to offer but still would make a sleeper hit in 2016, why?

When iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus was launched, many people had cast their eyes on it, however, thought it was too clunky and unwieldy to use the Apple’s 4.7 and 5.5inch iPhone models. So, a large pool of Apple users who own iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s remained with their current device and did not upgrade to Apple’s bigger iPhone models.

Mixpanel released a research data last month that notes that 38 percent of all iPhone users were still using the old iPhone models that as launched after iPhone 6.  The research data shows that the 4-inch iPhone models (5s, 5c,5) have almost 32.54 percent active iPhone 4s users. With iPhone 4 models accounting for nearly 5.7 percent of active iPhone users.

Earlier this year Tim Cook has said that users who are using iPhones which are launched before iPhone 6 were amount to 60 percent users and they haven’t upgraded to either iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S. Yesterday, Apple told that 4-inch iPhone models were sold 30 million in 2015 alone. So the there are a plethora of iPhone users are on the verge of upgrading it’s remarkably large, according to BGR.

It is certainly clear that Apple in the process of taking on Android and releasing larger screened devices ignored the a large contingent of users who find 4-inch form factor ideal. With the launch of iPhone 5SE Apple, is trying to hold its lost ground.