Last year, Apple introduced 12-inch iPad Pro, dubbed as a replacement for a laptop, unlike iPad Pro 9-inch. However, many users find it as too big and more importantly it lost the one-hand mode.

One of the key likability was its portability that made the original iPad a loved one.

Some users would argue that tablet may never replace a notebook and it could only serve as a complementary device. So, Microsoft took a clever move. It launched a device – a tablet that could double up as a laptop (Surface Pro lineup).

iPad Pro is installed with iOS 9 and it has a key feature called split-screen multi-tasking. This makes the Pro a more powerful work device. Users can now work efficiently on two documents at the same time without having to constantly switch between them, notes The Sydney Morning Herald.

Unlike Surface devices, the iPad is incapable of running desktop apps like Photoshop. However Surface devices are laptop anyway and Photoshop works on computers.

There’s a hack or solution for it. Adobe can split their apps into single user tasks on iOS and users can use Adobe Fix if they wish to retouch a photo. Later sync it all back to Photoshop on the desktop.

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In terms of leisure, browsing Twitter or watching movies, iPad outwits Android and Windows tablets for apps.

Not to miss Apple iPad’s accessories. Apple Pencil is very handy for professionals or artists. It could be used to something like Procreate or Adobe’s iPad apps. For jotting down notes it could be expensive but for graphic artists, it serves as an essential accessory. It would be cheap bet compared to Wacom Bamboo or Cintiq.

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Lastly, the new speakers of the iPad Pro, it gives incredible sound experience and comes with a great Spotify travel stereo. The device also comes with True Tone display which is fantastic.

It would be great if added on other devices too, notes CNET.