The actual result of the Iowa caucuses may never be known, says Bernie Sander’s campaign manager. According to Jeff Weaver, the technology used for reporting results was one of the reasons behind the narrow margin.

Weaver also blames the delay in reports from some precincts and the “arcane” rules used for the caucuses should also be blamed. Sanders has launched a review of the Iowa results after he fell 0.2 percent short of Hillary Clinton.

While the review is unlikely to have any practical significance, Weavers believes “everybody has an interest in making it as accurate as possible.”

After 100 percent precincts reporting, Clinton got 49.8 percent while the Vermont senator got 49.6 percent, The Washington Post reported. While Clinton gave her “victory speech” long before the official results were announced, the “photo-finish” shows the former US secretary of state is possible to beat.

Experts predicted long back that it would be an emphatic victory by the former first lady of the United States. After Iowa, Clinton now knows the race is far from over.

She was believed to have underestimated Barack Obama in 2008 in Iowa. Monday night results show she may have done the same mistake this time as well.

Many thought Sanders to be a fringe candidate who could be used to make Clinton’s road to the White House more convenient. No matter what the final results say, Sanders should consider Iowa a moral victory.

Some staffers from the Sanders campaign believe the 74-year-old won if raw totals, not state delegates, were counted. According to The Guardian, the claim is “likely if unproven.”

“Together, the people of Iowa and millions of grassroots progressives all across the country turned a candidate who was polling in the single digits just six months ago into a race-altering force of nature in the Democratic primary and national conversation,” Democracy for America’s Charles Chamberlain said about Sanders.