With Iowa caucuses to take place on Monday night, candidates are taking advantage of the final day to convince voters.

Donald Trump was on a mission to win hearts among evangelical voters. The real estate tycoon said he was surprised he was leading the final Iowa poll.

Trump calls his Republican rival Ted Cruz a “total liar” for saying the businessman supports an Obamacare-like health care system.

“I’ve been saying it for two years in my speeches, I’m going to repeal and replace Obamacare,” Trump tells ABC News. “I don’t even know where he gets this.”

Trump adds that nobody likes Cruz, saying that it is not possible to run a country with Cruz. He says it will be at a “worse gridlock” compared with the present situation.

Bernie Sanders, who surprised many with his support from the youth, drew around 5,000 supporters at the University of Iowa. The 74-year-old Vermont senator dismissed the pundits’ view about young people not voting.

“How would you like to make the pundits look dumb on election night?” The Guardian quoted Sanders as telling the crowd. Sanders admitted it would be a “symbolic thing” to win in Iowa. “People have underestimated this campaign from day one,” he said while stressing that he had “got a shot” in Iowa.

Clinton attended a smaller event, consisting of 1,100 people, at a high school in Cedar Rapids with her husband and daughter. She wanted to point out that Sanders was lacking a realistic plan to realise his ambitious claims.

“Every place she’s ever been she’s made better,” former US President Bill Clinton said about his wife. “She always makes something good happen.”

The former secretary of state, meanwhile, said she was “progressive.” She said she believed in progress. “What we need is a plan and a commitment,” she added.

“And you,” a woman among the crowd shouted.