Iowa has opened the US presidential race for more than 40 years now. However, there have been surprising results in Iowa on the last three occasions. So, there is every reason to anticipate one this time as well.

2012 Mitt Romney vs Rick Santorum

Romney went on to become the Republican nominee. What he experienced in Iowa is a different story. He was declared a winner by eight votes on the caucus night. It took GOP 16 days to change the decision and declare Santorum the winner instead.

According to party officials, results from eight precincts were not counted before. Santorum won by 34 votes. The Iowa GOP apparently wants to avoid previous mistakes. It has been working with Microsoft to introduce an app this time to avoid glitches, ABC News reports.

2008 Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton

Clinton was already an established name in US politics. Obama, meanwhile, was a junior senator from Illinois. Many people were surprised to see Obama beat the former US first lady by eight percentage points.

It was a victory for an underdog. Obama lost in New Hampshire but eventually created history by becoming the first black president of the United States.

2004 Howard Dean vs. John Kerry vs. John Edwards

Dean, who was believed to be a clear favourite among Democrats, had a shocking result in Iowa. Everything seemed fine before the first caucuses. He was the top fundraiser. However, when the results came out, he was a distant third. Kerry and Edwards beat him convincingly.

Dean’s speech when the results became a legend afterwards.

“We’re going to Washington DC to take back the White House,” he said with a scream. “We’ll not give up!”

What he claimed did not happen. He withdrew six weeks after the caucuses. Nevertheless, his announcement is still widely talked about.