Texas Senator Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses. With around 99 percent of the Republican votes counted, Cruz has beaten the real estate mogul by four percent. This means Cruz’s victory has come by getting 5,100 more votes than Donald Trump. Cruz got 28 percent, Trump 24 percent and Marco Rubio 23 percent.

“On June 16, when I started this journey, there were 17 candidates, I was told by everybody, ‘Do not go to Iowa. You could never finish even in the top 10,’” The Washington Post quoted Trump as saying. “We finished second. . . . We will go on to get the Republican nomination, and we will go on to beat Hillary or Bernie or whoever they throw up there.”

Early results revealed Cruz and Trump to be in a tight competition. With seven percent of the precincts reporting, Cruz managed 2,222 votes while Trump managed 2,107.

“I pray we will win,” Cruz said at a Baptist Church in Marion, Iowa before the final results were out. He apparently hoped for divine intervention against Trump, who looked to be extremely popular among GOP voters.

The Texas senator got 50,684 votes in total. Trump finished with 44,561 votes while Rubio was a close third with 42,294 votes.

The Democratic fight has been extremely tight while there is hardly anything to separate former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Rubio said after his defeat at the Iowa caucuses that Clinton was “disqualified” to be a US president.

“Because she thinks she is above the law,” he said while referring to the email controversy. “Anyone who lies to the families of people who have lost their lives to the service of this country can never be the commander-in-chief of the United States.”

According to CNN, Cruz’s win suggests his team may prevail over Trump’s campaign which is “based on the power of his personality and celebrity.”