The latest iOS 9.3 update may have rendered some older models of the iPhones and iPads useless. The new update that rolled out last week has been creating headlines for bringing some really cool new features.

However, not every user could dabble in the many new features offered by the update since it left iPad 2 and some of the other Apple devices unusable, as noted by Independent. Reportedly, iPad 2 owners who updated their device with the latest OS soon experienced the tablet hanging and that it “could not communicate with Apple’s servers.”

As for those without the Touch ID sensors on their devices, they could only complete the update if they still have the details of the account login when they had originally purchased the product. Folks at 9to5Mac noted that the issues relating to the iOS 9.3 bug also affected the new Apple devices including the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The issue revolved around users not being able to open links in Safari, Messages, Mail and Notes as well as other apps. Clicking on the link would lead to either the app crashing or hanging. Many users took to social media to express the problems they faced after downloading the update. It was noted that the hang-ups and crashes were caused owing to third-party apps being installed on the device, leading to links in Safari hanging.

Reportedly, Apple has since taken action to address the issues by rolling out another version of the update. Users will simply have to re-download and install the new update. If old logins are an issue, the company has suggested activating the device through iTunes either on the PC or the Mac.

The company is also offering support for anyone still struggling with the issue at hand. Apple has suggested users to connect with the company’s customer service team in case the issue persists and doesn’t get fixed.