Apple usually introduces a new version of its mobile operating system before each announcement of its flagship iPhones. With that said, the populace may already be excited about what iOS 10 is set to bring even when we’re still far away from the day it launches. There’s not much info regarding the upcoming version of the mobile operating system, but speculating about the software is fun, regardless. There’s a new concept video from Ralph Theodory up on YouTube showcasing some of his neat ideas for iOS 10. Check it out.

1. A Smart Info Cam could work greatly for iPhones that will run on Theodory’s iOS 10. The feature will let the Camera app automatically scan and detect Barcodes, QR codes, and even more to give its users more info regarding the item. Instant information such as the price, nutrition facts, and even weight can greatly add up to anyone’s accessibility and productivity.

2. Not everyone uses all of the apps that the iPhone comes with. Commonly known as bloatware, apps that are unnecessary for some people tend to simply just take up space. Ralph Theodory’s idea proposes for Apple to provide such apps for this.

3. To strengthen the security, a Lock Settings Changes option in the Settings app could also work. It would need to verify the user’s identity should they wish to make crucial changes in the Settings app.

4. Some people play pranks on unaware iPhone users by making shortcuts for phrases that have opposite meanings. “No more pranks” for iOS 10 will be a feature that prevents pranksters from making such shortcuts with notification that says it violates guidelines and harm the user experience.

5. The Apple Music interface is useful, but it’s functional at best and it’s getting stale for some. The video presents a redesigned Apple Music Interface in iOS 10 that will allow customisations to make it more intuitive than it is in the stock experience.