Apple revealed the iOS 10 during the WWDC 2016 held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on June 13. The Cupertino-based company stated that it is their “most advanced” operating system on their mobile devices so far.

According to Mac Stories, the latest product could be the “most ambitious” and “highly-modernized” OS available in the tech market due to its surprising capabilities and truly sophisticated features. Those who are excited to upgrade their smartphones to iOS 10 may want to know its 10 new features:

  1. Raise to Wake Feature. Based on Apple iOS Preview, this new feature allows the users to wake their phones from sleep without tapping the screen or touching any buttons. This innovation addresses the issue about Touch ID working so fast that it sometimes unlock the gadget.
  2. Memories. Users can now scan some unidentified photos and the iOS 10 will be able to recall the occasions behind it.
  3. Differential Privacy. Apple uses this technology to protect the users by not compromising their private information when using their mobile to shop online, etc.
  4. Home App and HomeKit. These two key features have deep integration with iOS 10 wherein users can take control of their home appliances or devices in just one click.
  5. Beautifully redesigned Maps, Music, and Apple News. The apps were revamped to make it more convenient, navigational and easier to use.  A search tab was even added to the Music app to help the users find their desired song, artist or album immediately.
  6. QuickType. Apple claims that this feature will be more significant and helpful in making suggestions.
  7. Voicemail Transcription. iPhone owners will now be able to read the voicemails rather than listening to them because of the feature.
  8. Messages. Exciting innovation awaits iPhone users in terms of messaging like additional sticker packs, Digital Touch, expandable YouTube links, and “send with effect” to mention a few.
  9. A “bit softer and less clicky” tap sound. This small change was observed by a beta tester in Mac Stories.
  10. Siri. Probably the most important feature of all, the developers have expanded Siri’s capability as a helpful virtual assistant by doing more commands like controlling CarPlay apps, to mention one just by recognizing the owner’s voice.