The iOS 10 beta is already out now, but when will Apple announce the official iOS 10 release date?

The Cupertino-based company has been developing the beta versions- the beta 5 for developers and beta 4 for the public. However, the people want to know the exact date of its unveiling.

Apple always works quietly and surprises the loyal fans with their announcement. The tech titan wowed the audience at WWDC 2016 in San Francisco when they spilled the initial details for the upcoming mobile OS.

Since the company is still perfecting the latest operating systems, there must be some big changes that will come with the latest OS. So, here is everything you need to know as of this moment.

According to Tech Radar, Apple will not let the public wait for too long. The version is at the final stage so we must wait for an announcement anytime soon.

However, the outlet did not provide any specific timeline. But the website assumed that it could be two months for now. Thus far, let us wait if Apple will announce the iOS 10 release date in October.

Furthermore, what to expect from the highly-anticipated operating system? Tech Radar wrote that iOS 10 will likely have major changes as compared to the previous versions.

As promising as the Apply assures the public, the upcoming OS will have new features like the following: raise to wake, rich lock screen notifications, clear all notifications button, and water detection.

Additionally, it will also include: live broadcasting applications such as Replay Kit, decluttered Control Center, graphical 3D Touch shortcuts, and a more interactive and intelligent Siri.

If you cannot wait for the official iOS 10 release date, no need to worry. MacWorld reported that you can now download the beta version. Check out the step by step guide here.

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